Recreating an overnight pop-up coffee farm on the streets of Chicago, in the middle of winter, is no easy task. Especially when that street happens to be Michigan Avenue. You need sound logistics, production prowess that is second to none, the ability to quickly and flawlessly overcome any obstacles you encounter, and strong relationships with the best suppliers in the business. That’s where E&R steps in. We make even the most difficult experiential activation come alive in a way that seems almost effortless. Insider tip... it’s not!

For this activation, we sourced, secured and managed the following areas of production: overall farm design, authentic and indigenous Arabica coffee trees and other tropical foliage from nurseries in Southern California, non-stop and direct climate-controlled freight logistics over four continuous days to ship in our delicate trees and foliage, a landscape architect to help design our farm as authentically as possible, a custom fabricator of our farmhouse/bar and interactive vignettes, a top chalk artist to inject a custom flair into all of our signage, heavy equipment, HVAC, electric, and other various suppliers.

Engage Resonate Experiential McCafe.JPG