ComEd wanted to give back to the community by educating 13-17 year old girls about the importance of STEM initiatives. 

We created a 10,000 sq. ft. pop-up ‘Race HQ’ garage where the 6 teams of 5 girls all received a hands-on experience building a competitive solar powered derby car from recycled refrigerators during four build days over the course of a month. The hard work on the build days culminated in an 80,000 sq. ft. race day pop-up experience at Chicago’s Daley Plaza. 


COMEDICEBOXDERBY Chicago Engage & Resonate
Engage Resonate Activation Production House ComEd Icebox Derby
ComEd Icebox Derby Engage & Resonate Experiential Production
ComEd pop up garage Engage & Resonate Experiential
ComEd Icebox Derby Experiential Engage & Resonate
ComEd Icebox Derby Engage & Resonate Experiential pop up garage